Chapel Hill, NC

It’s where this all started, and it’s where we wanted to launch our delivery service. Help deliver orders anywhere in the Chapel Hill or Carrboro area!

Flexible Schedule

Go online whenever you like and earn money on your schedule.

Support Local

By joining the team of local on-demand shoppers, you join a community of helping the local business you love.

Startup Culture

Nyfty is a small startup, so by becoming a Nyfty Pilot, you can help directly influence features and make a big difference. We always want to hear your thoughts!

No Riders

Enjoy the on-demand culture without the inconvenience of transporting passengers. No small talk. No messes created by unruly riders. No weird music on your stereo. Enjoy working in your own way!

Choose a purchase method

To make shopping with Nyfty as easy as possible, we’ve created 2 different ways for you to purchase orders. Choose whichever is best for you!

Reimbursement Payout: 80% of Delivery Fee + 100% of Tips

Make the initial order purchase with personal funds and be reimbursed for the entire order cost. This is a great way to make even more money if you have a credit card with rewards! You will be paid back within 48 hours.

NyftyPay Payout: 70% of Delivery Fee + 100% of Tips Info_Circle

Pay for the order with our reloadable Visa. Each time you accept an order, the card is funded automatically. This makes sure you always have the funds necessary to complete an order. As always, you should be paid for the order within 48 hours.

Get started

If you’re ready to get going, click below and let’s get your registration taken care of. Or if you have remaining questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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