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Carrburritos (Storefront Story)


It’s mid-April, and it’s one of those beautiful spring days where one can sit outside with a nutritious lunch and talk for hours. If you’re in the Carrboro area, you’ll probably find most eaters at the fan-favorite – Carrburritos. Serving California-style Mexican food since 1997, Carrburritos has long been known as a favorite for healthy, relaxed and sociable eating.

It began in the 1990’s when Cail and Bill Fairbanks wanted a change in landscape from their Californian lifestyle. The owners’ daughter Rae Mosher explained, “Cail was missing seasons mostly. She wanted to be somewhere where there were four seasons.” After years of research, the Fairbanks decided to call Carrboro home. After a long trek across the country, it didn’t take very long for the former-restaurant owners to start a new restaurant in the Carrboro area.

“We missed wanting to get a burrito,” Mosher said. “I grew up as a kid eating burritos once a week because of all the taquerias on nearly every street corner in California.”

It took three years of planning and research for the Fairbanks to create a restaurant that was perfect for the area, which we all know now as Carrburritos.

Today, Carrburritos has become integral to the Carrboro community. As an advocate for creative, artistic and local culture, Carrburritos continues to thrive in the downtown area. Carrburritos also prides itself in being very “dietary-focused,” Mosher explained. Specifically, the restaurant has made a commitment to serve a diverse community of eaters, from offering a vegetarian menu, specials like “Tofu Tuesday”, and more recent initiatives like a new soft corn taco for those who want to avoid fried shells.

Furthermore, Mosher prides Carrburritos in being a place where community and eating go hand in hand. In a tight space surrounded by friendly staff and other eaters, many customers find themselves conversing with strangers, and even forming lasting relationships with them. As Mosher explained, Carrburritos has come to represent her – from being a friendly, relaxed environment to being a place where she formed many lasting friendships.

April 8th marked the 20 year anniversary of Carrburritos, where there was a big celebration, including live music and other festivities. Two decades after opening, Carrburritos remains a central point of the Carrboro food scene. If you haven’t tried it yet, come visit, enjoy the tasty food, and get a glimpse of the sweet Carrboro lifestyle.


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