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About Nyfty

On a mission to make it easier to buy locally, Nyfty is a startup that believes in the value of local businesses. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the challenges many small businesses face. So we try to create tools for businesses to overcome those challenges, making it easier for them to do what they do best.

Founded in December 2014, Nyfty has been addressing one of the biggest challenge local businesses face – ease of access. That’s why we created an on-demand delivery service, so that customers could buy from the local stores they love as easily as ever.

In the past, customers could only choose from places that had the budget to have delivery staff. The problem is that delivery staff oftentimes is only available for restaurants and not other shops. And restaurant delivery is oftentimes a luxury only more established places can afford. So by creating a delivery service for any store, customers can pick the local stores they love no matter the circumstance. By making it on-demand, it’s a service available at no additional cost to store owners, allowing them the benefits of delivery without the overhead.

How it works

Mission Statement

Nyfty exists to advance and support local businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe in the value of local commerce, so we create the tools and services necessary to help local businesses succeed.


Kenan Bateman Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Kenan founded Nyfty in December 2014 after he saw how difficult it was to buy from one of his favorite local coffee shops. With a love for local businesses, he wanted to make it easier to buy locally. The idea for a local delivery service became the natural solution, and Nyfty was born. Kenan brings entrepreneurial experience from his past venture – Rentuitive – and creative expertise after working as a motion graphics designer for clients across the country. With a BA in Advertising from UNC-Chapel Hill, he also heads the company’s marketing efforts.

Stone Costa CTO

Stone met Kenan in 2015 while the two of them were both working at National Agents Alliance in Burlington, NC. Needing help improving the website in the early stages, Kenan approached Stone to manage Nyfty’s website. That role later grew into managing the entire development team. Stone brings over 15 years of development experience and has worked with companies like AT&T. He also has the entrepreneurial spirit that flows through the company – previously launching his own video game and development company Synamic D.

Sean Gartland UX Lead

Sean joined Nyfty in 2015 after Kenan approached him to redesign the company’s apps. Kenan and Sean met each other while at UNC through Sean’s father, who was Kenan’s landlord. After living together briefly in 2013, Sean left Chapel Hill to serve as the Mobile UX Team Lead for ESPN. Along with his design abilities, Sean brings past entrepreneurial experience from his college startup iCanFixIt, where he repaired students’ phones and computers.

Kadri Järv Web Development Lead

Kadri started working with Nyfty in 2015, and she currently manages the company’s web development team. She knew Stone prior to working with Nyfty when she was hired as a 3D artist for his video game in 2012. However, Stone transitioned her to a developer for Synamic D after he learned of her passion for programming. When Nyfty needed someone to head the web development efforts, Kadri was the obvious choice. Since joining Nyfty, Kadri has helped completely revamp the service API and manage the integration of a sitewide responsive redesign.


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